The New Zealand Brazilian Dance Festival

2nd – 5th May 2024  AUCKLAND NZ

Viva Dance Studios Auckland

All Workshops, Intensive plus Thurs pre-party

Raynham Park – 145 Karangahape rd

Friday, Saturday and Sunday parties plus marathon

Zouk Central is New Zealands (and one of Australasias) biggest Brazilian Dance events of the year, hosting top international, Australian and New Zealand Zouk artists and bringing the Australasian Zouk community together to enjoy an unforgettable weekend, celebrating dance, connection and chasing that ‘Zouk high’!

Our 2024 event will host 8 international Brazilian zouk artists who will be teaching half of our 40 workshops, as well as 21 of our best NZ and Ausie artists. There will be 4 rooms to choose from over the weekend as well as Thursday intensive with Mathilde and Leo, and for the first time in Australasia Bruno and Raiza will be running their famous BRICK 2 day course post Zouk Central! We will be running an Official Jack and Jill competition, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced!! Our 4 parties will run until 3am with guest Ausie DJs and our fave Kiwi DJs, there will also be day parties! Saturday night will feature an incredible showcase with our international artists. Last but not least we are bringing back our famous 2x Prática’s with the Pros! More features are to come so be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and FB Event!



Mathilde & Leo -France/Brazil

Yasmim & Saulo – Brazil

Bruno & Raiza – Brazil/Portugal

Xandinho & Mirella – Brazil

Sarah & Bruno – Brazil/Australia

Leo Neves – Brazil/NZ

Diego – Brazil/Taiwan

Sara & Jeff – Sydney

Jimmy – Brisbane


Trajano & Shannon – Argentina/NZ

Augusto & Bekah – Brazil/NZ

Kat & Yuri – Christchurch

Dharsh & Teresa – Auckland

Adam & Gabrielle – Wellington

Emma Kehoe – Auckland

Arkadi & Gwen – Israel/France/NZ


NEW! 11 hr Marathon on Sunday 4pm-3am at our party venue Raynham Park!


40 workshops with over half taught by our Internationals.


You loved it, so we are bringing it back! Practica with the Pros is a Zouk Central brain child created by our team member Dharsh, designed to help all attendees get the absolute most out of the workshops! 1 hr of pratica on Saturday and Sunday afternoons where all our top artists will be roaming the studio helping everyone with moves taught over the weekend!


For the first time in Australasia Bruno and Raiza will be running their 2 day BRICK course after Zouk Central! Module 2 – head movement focused.


Compete and earn points in Jack’n’Jill! Novice, Intermediate & Advanced tiers will run….AND if JnJ isn’t really your thing, jump over to our Day Time Parties happening at the same time!


4 Parties on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, until – 3am. 3x Day time Parties during lunch breaks.


Friday night – WILDERNESS. Saturday night -DREAMSCAPE.


Thursday Intensive with Mathilde and Leo!


Saturday night Showcase with our top Internationals!


Dharshana Ratnayake

President of NZouk

Rebekah Codlin

Vice President of NZouk

Web designer and marketing manager.

Phoebe Denton

Secretary of NZouk

Saione Greer

Treasurer of NZouk


Phoebe Denton - Producer

Rebekah Codlin - Co-Producer, Head of Marketing and Aesthetic

Saione Greer - Treasurer

Dharshana Ratnayake - Head of Tech