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Attendee Testimonials

Teresa Lauago
Teresa Lauago@teresalauago
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Zouk Central is a highlight of the Zouk dance circuit in New Zealand. It’s the only Congress based in Tamaki Makaurau, further enhancing and celebrating our beautiful multi-cultural city. Furthermore, the organisation and marketing of Zouk Central is outstanding, and there’s always a world-class line up of local and international artists.

Jo Fairweather
Jo Fairweather@jo.fairweather.5
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I attended Zouk Central 2022 and found it to be one of the best organised events I have been to. There was plenty of information sent by email and on social media leading up to the event, allowing me to make travel plans well in advance. The classes ran smoothly and according to the scheduled times.It was a brilliant opportunity to learn from top NZ and overseas zouk teachers and meet zouk dancers from all over NewZealand.

It is an amazing resource for the dance community and I am very happy it is running again in 2023 – I have already bought my ticket! I particularly enjoyed the parties – it was an absolute blast!

Marius Van Rijnsoever
Marius Van Rijnsoever@marius.van.94
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Zouk central is my dance conference highlight of the year. It is a unique event in New Zealand that combines New Zealand dance talents with world class overseas artists. I have danced many different styles, but zouk stands out as it so welcoming to everyone regardless of their background, age or gender. Zouk brings people from all over new Zealand together in a community that treats everyone like family. 

Zouk central was very well organized in 2022, from workshops, practica with professionals, showcase demonstrations as well as jack and jill social dance competitions.  This year they managed to get the two top couples from Brazil to come to New Zealand for workshops, which I am very excited about to take my dancing to a higher level.

Melissa Horwood
Melissa Horwood@melissahorwood
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Zouk central 2022 was one of my favourite NZ dance events of the year with amazing energy and incredible dancers.  It was such a nice opportunity for the zouk community to gather together, enjoy a break from work life and collectively upskill in zouk.  I am even more excited for this year’s event with the incredible line-up of teachers who I can’t wait to learn from and dance with!

Yohan Ng
Yohan Ng@the.brohan
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Zouk central 2022 was an amazing event. It was thoughtfully planned and was an expression of Zouk in New Zealand as the COVID-19 restrictions lifted. 

The Event was well structured for students, lots of time for the lesson and a mini-break between workshops to re-hydrate and prepare. A genious addition to this year’s event was a mini practice session with the teachers…

It was a wonderful opportunity to approach teachers in a more casual context and get tips and pointers more relevant to each dancer. 


The instructors that the event brought were incredible. They were encouraging and showed interest in my learning as a student. While most of the teachers were New Zealand based, it was wonderful that they were able to get some of the best from Australia. 2022 was a year of easing the COVID restrictions, hopefully 2023 will bring more international teachers to New Zealand again. 


The social aspect of the festival is by far the most important. To come together again after so long apart was cathartic, it was wonderful to see and dance with old friends again. They organised a pizza party before a night’s dance, it was really nice to catch up with all of my friends just chatting over a meal. The dance party, that’s where the best part of the festival starts.  The instructors were very skilled at live mixing music and it made for a high energy and memerable party of dancing. Everybody was riding the vibes and having a great time. 


The organisers of the event took the few resources that they had available and made 2022 shine. They brought together the entire New Zealand Brazillian Zouk community to celebrate dance and spread the joy it brings.

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