The World Famous Bruno & Raiza Improvement Course

For the First time in Australasia!

For the first time in Australasia, Bruno and Raiza will be teaching their world renowned BRICK course, covering 12 hours of intensive training over 2 days.


Module 2 stretches and builds on the foundations and concepts from Module 1, creating different effects on travel, turn and tilt, particularly in travelling head movements. Mixing and matching BRICK foundations with these parameters, nearly endless movement variations can be led and followed comfortably on the dancefloor.

DISCOUNT: When you register through our website for module 2, you’ll receive a massive 🔥 25% OFF 🔥 discount for module 1! This will be emailed to you post registering.

You must have completed Level 1 online before the start of this course, available here:
TIMETABLE (all at Viva Dance Studios):
Tuesday 7th May
10am – 1pm: BRICK
1pm – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 5pm: BRICK
Weds 8th May
10am – 1pm: BRICK
1pm – 2pm: Lunch
2pm – 5pm: BRICK
9pm – late: Party (incl with pass, $20 without pass)
About BRICK:
The B&R Improvement Course is destined for Brazilian Zouk dancers looking for a deep understanding of B&R methodology and to develop new techniques and body awareness. After each level is completed, students will receive a certificate and are able to continue to the next level. After Level 3, the student is eligible to attend the B&R Improvement Course – For Teachers.
Please read more about the course here!